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How To Use Your Amazon KDP Free Ebooks For Kindle Promotion

(2 days ago) KDP free ebook promotion works best with a plan. Without a doubt, my most successful promotions have been when I have planned weeks ahead and notified as many free ebook listing sites as possible and then be picked up by some of the bigger sites.


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127 of Best Free and Paid Book Promotion Sites and ...

(1 days ago) Book Promotion Plus Publishing Deal. There is a company in the list above that needs a special mention. Inkitt is a publishing company that will not only submit your book to their thousands of readers for free (legit) but will also offer you a publishing deal worth thousands of dollars if their readers like it.. You win because you get your book out in front of a LOT of people, increase your ...


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Promote Your Book - kdp.amazon.com

(3 days ago) Run a social media giveaway, gift your books to readers at an event, or send copies to newsletter subscribers. Lending for Kindle. When readers buy a book they like, they can lend it to others. Share with Kindle Instant Book Previews. Share a link to a free preview of your Kindle book. Sample Chapters. Show potential readers a small portion of ...


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How to Make your Book Free on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct ...

(2 days ago) If your title is enrolled in KDP Select, Amazon allows you to run a Free Book Promotion on that title. Amazon limits the number of days that your book can be listed as free. You can choose to offer any book enrolled in KDP Select free to readers for up to 5 days out of each 90-day KDP Select enrollment period. You can use all 5 days at once, or ...


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KDP Free Kindle Ebook Promotions Can Help Book Sales

(4 days ago) Unless your promotion results in immediate real sales, it will disappear extremely rapidly from view on the Kindle free bestseller list. Conclusion. I suppose the conclusion I have drawn is that the free book promotion option offered by KDP Select is a worthwhile marketing tool and a chance to get noticed and get your name out there as an author.


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100 Best Free and Paid Book Promotion Sites | TCK Publishing

(2 days ago) Over 100 websites offer book promotion services that can help you sell more books. Most of these book promotion sites use email marketing to send a message about your book to their list of book readers. Book Promo Site Rankings. The list is organized in a very specific order – the sites at the top of the list have the most traffic while those ...


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Book Marketing: Free Kindle Promotion Days – Are They ...

(10 days ago) Indie author Katharine E Smith shares her top tips on making the most of free promotion days on KDP Select It’s easy for indie authors to get so caught up in the latest vogue for book marketing that they forget about tried-and-trusted methods that have gone before.


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76 Places to Submit Your Free KDP Select Promotion for ...

(6 days ago) If you are looking for places to submit your free KDP select promotion for your Kindle eBook, you are in the right place! I also share my 11 step checklist with you! The Power of the KDP Select Program. One powerful way to launch a new book is by using Amazon’s KDP Select program.


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KDP Select #Free Promotion Strategies | Writing.ie

(1 months ago) How? By running another free promotion 4 to 5 weeks after the first one. Maybe at 6 weeks, maybe at 3 1/2. Depends on sales. But you can repeat the performance.” The free promotional periods available to KDP Select authors are just one way to boost sales. Good metadata, a great descritption of your book and high starred reviews are others.


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KDP Select Free Promo: The Secret to Hitting the Top 100 ...

(8 days ago) A word on KDP Select doubters: Not to patronise, but I have a feeling that the bulk of people who feel bitter about KDP Select are people who either 1.) don’t want to risk losing minimal sales over on Smashwords by going exclusive or 2.) have had a free promo go unsuccessfully.


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Prepare your book for its KDP Select free promotion days ...

(2 days ago) A Look at Amazon: Timeline and Indie Author News - […] “Prepare your book for its KDP Select free promotion days” on Ben Zackheim […] Twitter is an excellent tool to find your target audience - The Author Helper - […] some great (and little-discussed) news. If you use Twitter then you can reach your target audience.


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9 Amazon Book Promotion Programs That Can Help You Sell ...

(1 days ago) Amazon Book Promotion Services. If you’re looking for book promotion services and sites, these may help: Amazon Book Marketing Service That Guarantees Sales Rankings; Top Kindle Book Promotion Sites for Paid Kindle Books $0.99 and Up; List of Sites To Promote Your Free Amazon Kindle Books; Like this post?


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Nate's Big List of Free & Paid Book Promotion Websites ...

(1 days ago) Hoffelder presents Nate’s Big List of Free & Paid Book Promotion Websites posted at The Digital Reader, saying, “You can’t sell an ebook if no one knows it is on sale, […] Reply Self-Publishing: The Carnival of the Indies Issue #89 – Romaniatv stiritv stiri mobil stiri romaniatv 26 February, 2018


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Best Book Promotion Sites 2020 | Paid Author

(1 days ago) Book Marketing Tools is probably the best value for money when promoting a book that’s going to be free. In about 5 mintues, they let you promote your free Kindle book to over 30 separate sites that don’t charge for promotion at the click of a button.. With their ebook submission tool, you fill out the details of your Kindle promotion in a single form, and then the information gets auto ...


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Pros and Cons of KDP Select - Book Cave - Free Ebooks!

(3 days ago) 4. You can discount your book to free for 5 days in a 90-day period. In KDP Select, you can easily discount your book to $0.00 for a promotion. If your book isn't in the program, you have to set your book to $0.00 in other major retailers and then ask Amazon to price match.


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Kindle Countdown Deals Explained - Written Word Media

(2 days ago) On the KDP dashboard, click the “promote and advertise” button. On the left side are two options: Kindle Countdown Deal and Free Book Promotion. You can only pick one each enrollment period. In this article, we will focus on Kindle Countdown Deals.


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How to Promote Your Free Kindle Book | Content Sparks

(10 days ago) You’ve written a book – the hard part is over and done with. Your next challenge is marketing your business book. If you’ve published on Kindle and enrolled in their KDP program, you’ll know you have 5 days every 90-day period where you can give away your book for free.


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How I Run My KDP Select Free Promotions | Celebrating ...

(4 days ago) The KDP free days is a subject I’m quite interested in, because I’m still trying to figure out if they’re (1) an effective method to get your book read and (2) result in increased sales. I wonder about the first because I’ve gotten download happy when I see free books and then realize I don’t have time to read them.


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Successful Book Promotion Strategies with Chloe Kizer ...

(1 days ago) This is the service many people use to temporarily set their books to free. You also get access to Kindle countdown deals, which are special ways to discount your book for a short period of time. Setting up a free promotion without KDP Select. If you don’t want to go “exclusive” with them, Amazon won’t make it easy to set your book at free.


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What Day Of The Week Is Best For Running A Free Promotion ...

(6 days ago) There is some evidence to suggest that a wide free book release confuses the Amazon algorithm. Amazon likes to create profile of users so they know what to place in front of them next time they shop. When you do a wide launch you can get people who have no interest in your genre downloading the book.


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How to Rock a Free Day Promotion for Your eBook | Jane ...

(4 days ago) I recently advertised my literary novel, A Storm of Stories, on Bookbub, where it reached #8 in the top 100 free books in the Kindle Store and #1 in free contemporary fiction short stories and literary books with 18,069 downloads on Dec. 30.The ad cost $301 but went straight to my target audience. After the promotion, A Storm of Stories reached #5 on the paid bestseller list for literary short ...


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Simple Steps to a Successful KDP Select Free Promotion – M ...

(1 months ago) Simple Steps to a Successful KDP Select Free Promotion Posted on March 3, 2012 March 4, 2012 28 Comments If you have read my previous posts on Amazon’s KDP Select Program , you will already know that I joined this program primarily for the five free promotional days Amazon gives you in exchange for selling your ebook exclusively with them for ...


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Free Promotion For Free Kindle Promo Days - askDavid.com

(4 days ago) Free Promotion For Your Free Kindle Ebooks Are you enrolled in KDP Select and do you have an upcoming Free Book Promotion for your Kindle ebook? note: perma-free Kindle ebooks on Amazon.com can also be submitted to this service (without being a KDP Select member)


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How to Discount Your eBook on Amazon - Book Cave - Free ...

(5 days ago) Free Book Promotion with KDP Select. This will open a page that includes the box below. Under "Run a Price Promotion," choose either "Kindle Countdown Deal" or a "Free Book Promotion." In the example below, the "Free Book Promotion" has been selected. Clicking that brings up this page:


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Websites for Marketing KDP Select Free Days for Your ...

(15 days ago) That’s why authors experience a sales jump after their free promotion period ends. New and unknown authors give books away to build awareness. Using these KDP Select free Kindle eBook marketing websites is one more way to help do that. Authors living on the hope of sales often end up dying from obscurity. Have you used KDP Select promotion ...


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Submit Kindle books for KDP promotions | Kindle Book Promos

(6 days ago) FREE LISTING SUBMISSION. If you want to guarantee your book will be posted, you should consider the following Ads below the submission form: Paid Option: $10 – only 48-hr notice, with newest titles at the top, book image displayed under genre heading Only post 2 of your free days. Paid Option: $20 – only 48-hr notice, with newest titles at the top, book image displayed under genre heading ...


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How to Make Your Book Free on Amazon's KDP - Booksprout

(9 days ago) To use your free days, head to your KDP Bookshelf, find the book you want to make free, and click the “promote and advertise” button. It’ll take you to that book’s promotion manager. In the “Run a price promotion” box, check the “Free Book Promotion” checkbox and then click the “Create a new Free Book Promotion” button.


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Get Mileage from KDP Select Free Promotions

(15 days ago) Marketing the KDP Select free book promotion. I focused on free or low-cost marketing for this KDP Select free promotion. There are various websites and communities interested in Free Kindle Books. Some accept submissions for free, but won’t guarantee promotion, while others charge a fee. There are various conditions.


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How to Combine KDP Free Days with Paid ... - Indies Go German

(1 months ago) My theory is that the increased visibility during the KDP Free Promotion leads to more KU users downloading the book during and after it, which has a direct effect on sales rank, so for a good while after the Free Promo, you can expect your book to remain higher in the charts and also sell more copies.By the way, I raised my price after the second Free Promo from 2.99€ to 3.99€ and the ...


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100% Off Udemy Coupon: Book Marketing: Amazon Kindle ...

(2 hours ago) 100% off Udemy coupon. 2020 book marketing strategies: Become a bestselling author writing paperback books & Kindle ebook KDP self publishing Latest Coupons Free Courses


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KDP free promotion. How many books did you give away ...

(4 months ago) I'll gladly share mine if it will get the discussion going. I ran a 3 day free promotion over the weekend. Spent maybe 3 or 4 hours promoting. No paid advertising. Gave away 350 books. Ranked as the #1 free book in my tiny category. I didn't have any expectations going into the promotion. Just wanted to get my book out there.


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5 Ways To Promote Your Kindle Book For Free

(12 days ago) Well, don’t worry there are plenty of ways how you can promote your Kindle Book for free. When it comes to free promotion on the internet it usually means that it requires a lot of work, though I have some hands free promotion strategies to share as well. So, let’s dive in. 1. KDP Free 5 Day Promotion


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Free Book Promotions: Are They Worth It? - The Book Designer

(4 days ago) Ernie, I think that’s really changed a lot! Most people read ebooks now, and when I do a free promo, on Bookbub, for example, and see 50,000 free downloads of my book over a few days, that results in thousands of paid sales of that book and others in my series, as well as a ton of great reviews.


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How to make 3D book cover mockups for book marketing, and ...

(8 days ago) How to make 3D book cover mockups for book marketing, and for 99cent or KDP free promotions. UPDATE: After months of work, we’ve just launched the coolest online 3D book cover creator in the world.


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How to create a Book-Giveaway Promotion on Amazon without ...

(4 days ago) Today, I am going to show you how you can host a very productive book promotion that will allow customers to download your kindle book for free, or at a discounted price, for any duration of time, and the quantity amount of individual downloads you desire, without applying for the amazon-book-lending KDP-Select program.


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What are the best ways to promote a short story published ...

(5 days ago) Promoting a kindle short story is pretty much the same as promoting a full novel. The first thing I would do is what Tom suggested above, run several KDP free book promos and promote the event in the sites he linked to. In addition to that, prom...


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How to Maximize a Kindle Free Book Promotion - The Happy ...

(1 months ago) How to run a Kindle Free Book Promotion. Access the promotions from your Bookshelf once you sign in to KDP. Click Promote and Advertise. Select the radio button for Free Book Promotion. Enter the date and notice the number of free promotion dates used at the bottom.


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How to set up your KDP Kindle e-book Free Book Promotion on amazon.com

(3 days ago) This video tutorial will show your how to schedule the days your kindle e-book will be offered for free on amazon.com under the kdp free book promotion program. Giving your book for free will get ...


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Submit your free kdp kindle book promotion to 30 kindle ...

(1 months ago) Marketing your Kindle book during it's KDP Select promotion is crucially important, as it can really help your book get thousands of downloads and boost its ranking for both your keyword and in the Amazon bestseller list. In this gig, I will manually submit your FREE Kindle book to 30 Kindle book sites during your KDP Select Free Promotion.


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Enjoy $25 Off Kappa Delta Pi Coupons & Promo Codes May, 2020

(2 days ago) Get 6 Kappa Delta Pi coupon codes and promo codes at CouponBirds. Click to enjoy the latest deals and coupons of Kappa Delta Pi and save up to $25 when making purchase at checkout. Shop kdp.org and enjoy your savings of May, 2020 now!


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A Three Month, Low-Cost, No-Fuss Plan to Market Your Book ...

(6 days ago) Promote Your Book With KDP. The nice thing about being in KDP Select is that you have five days which you can schedule your book either for free, OR you can run a Countdown. Free is pretty self-explanatory, and the Countdown option allows you to offer your book at a lower price for those five days. Amazon will make it available in a special ...


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MORE AMAZON KDP COMPLAINTS! Poor print quality, incorrect ...

(4 days ago) Very disappointed with Amazon KDP “I published a book on KDP, made some updates and ordered books. Ten books were delivered without the updates. Ten more books were delivered without the updates, after I was assured these would contain the updated version. I was told someone placed an order for 26 books (then the number changed to 28) then ...


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Maximizing KDP Free Days Promotion Part 2: The Preparatory ...

(11 days ago) We have been using a simple pricing strategy that helps to show an increase in the value of the book when it goes free. Take one of our author’s books, Maurice on the Moon, as an example. Maurice on the Moon by Dr. Daniel Barth is the first book of an ongoing science fiction adventure series for young students. With the intent to draw readers to the series with a low price on the first book ...


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Kindle Book Promos - Kindle Freebies, Features and Deals

(2 days ago) New Titles featured throughout the year. New titles will be promoted on a rotating basis until January 2021 to help new books get extra promotion with potential of reaching 100,000 followers: @penabook, @freebookpromos and @99KindlePromos and on Facebook and Kindle Book Promos. SIGNUP HERE


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How to Prepare, Launch, and Run a Successful KDPSelect ...

(12 days ago) Thank goodness for this book, because it helped me get up to speed. Now I feel confident that I can run a good campaign when I put my eBook out there during the KDP free promotion. After reading this book, I've even become a Twitter aficionado . The book is packed with clickable links so you can get going fast.


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How to Increase Your Amazon Kindle Book Sales by 600% in a ...

(3 days ago) I completed a Kindle promotion (5 days duration) a few months ago and the book was selected 599 times. So now I have once again renewed by KDP Select and am trying the free book promotion just one day at a time spread over the three month period.


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How to Promote a Kindle Book for Free [Double Your Sales]

(3 days ago) Join Facebook and Linkedin groups to post your book while it’s on a free promotion, too. Those three strategies alone would get me up to one thousand downloads per day. Lastly, narrow down some free promotional websites and offer your book to them. Some require it to be free or a certain price, so do your due diligence.


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Maximizing KDP Free Days Promotion Part 1: Social Media ...

(18 days ago) In 3 days, we garnered over 2,000 free downloads for The Doomed Colony of Mars, which generated increase in book sales. In one of our previous articles about using the KDP Select Free Days, we reflected on our experiences using Amazon’s free promotion program. Since then, we have refined our preparatory strategies and seen better success ...


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