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Drones can easily perform many activities, including routine inspections of construction sites, tunnels, bridges, power lines, and energy plants — they are unrivaled in assessing and mitigating potential disasters.

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(35d) Effect of Contaminants on Coke Formation during

The coupons were subjected to helium atmosphere during stabilization modes (overnight). The morphology of the coked reactor materials were studied using an off-line Scanning Electron Microscope with Energy Dispersive X-ray (SEM with EDX) images of coked coupons. References. ExxonMobil, The Outlook for Energy: A view to 2040. 2012.

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Hot Tapping - Strategies & Effective Practices to Manage

Site specific written down procedure for hot tapping The procedure should detail the technical requirements and also the responsibilities of the various agencies/personnel involved in the execution of the job Even though there are API codes and guidelines available for conducting welding/drilling on live systems, each facility can be unique. It is recommended that each site develop an

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(596a) Development of a Functional Coating to Mitigate

The adhesion test showed that the flaked deposits blow off the surface at air flow velocities as low as 5.6 m/s and near 100% deposit removal was achieved at 50 m/s (Re >60000). Due to low deposit adhesion, a slower rate of deposition and ease of deposit removal under the operating conditions, UM1 is a promising surface treatment approach to

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Strategies & Effective Practices to Manage and Mitigate

Higher hardness can also cause problems during drilling of coupons. Maintaining fluid flow during hot tap operations Hot tapping operations are considered safe based on the fact that molten metal during welding solidifies and cools to less than about 400 deg C very quickly.

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(512f) An Investigation of High-Temperature Corrosion

Past research work on understanding the high temperature corrosion mechanisms has identified important factors that affect the corrosion rate. In addition, there have been many laboratory tests that have sought to classify the effects of these corrosion factors where metal coupons were subject to corrosion at constant furnace temperature.

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(427l) Effects of a Biocide and a Biocide Enhancer on Srb

A delayed exponential growth phase took off afterwards. When the biocide enhancer was used, the planktonic SRB growth suppression period was prolonged and a lower glutaraldehyde concentration could be used when other experimental conditions were kept the same. Comparing the surfaces of the coupons in the vials with glutaraldehyde and those

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New Products: February 2017 | AIChE

Multiple polymer coupons of the same material as the sheath are inserted into the flow and then later removed and evaluated. A quantitative analysis estimates the remaining service life of the sheath and determines any changes to the molecular structure or chemical properties that may affect the sheath’s overall strength.

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Meet Omeir Riaz—Featured Student for May 2016 | AIChE

Professional goals on one side - I want to finish reading all the books I bought from free university coupons every year at the Abu Dhabi Book Fair. I have to confess openly that I have more than 50 books in a cardboard box on the balcony of my flat — there is simply not enough time to read those books.

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Discover Atlanta | AIChE

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