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COVID-19 statement—The world we live in today is a very different place from the one we knew just weeks ago. Our leaders in government and industry are being forced to rethink policies and guidelines that impact our workforce on a global scale.

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Yelling Over the Din: Email Marketing for Non-Profits

They were much lower than the sent rate, absurdly so. Each carefully crafted, heartfelt email went largely unnoticed. I thought about my own junk email box. Entreaties from non-profits are often sitting in neglected boxes, wedged between 75% off sales and birthday discounts on ice cream.

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How Influencer Marketing Works - EnVeritas Group

The majority of influencers I see on Instagram fall into this category. The influencer becomes a “rep” and is assigned a special coupon code to give to their followers (frequently included along with the website link in their bios). You and the influencer agree for them to receive a certain percentage of the sales they bring in.

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Marketing with Pokemon Go! Understanding Pokestops, Lures

Consider offering specials like half-priced appetizers or 10 percent off a purchase if you show your Pokedex (collection of Pokemon) or tiered rewards based on your level. Acknowledging the trainers and rewarding them will not only help business, but if you have Pokemon or a Pokestop nearby, they will be frequently repeating customers.

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Should Snapchat Be Used for Businesses? - EnVeritas Group

Companies like Taco Bell have used Snapchat for new product releases, revealing new products through their Snapchat before revealing to the general public. Other companies, like 16 Handles, are using Snapchat for promotions and coupons exclusive to their Snapchat database. Some clothing brands are using Snapchat stories to show different ways

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